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Clinic Of Well-Being

Hypnotherapy/Reiki courses/spiritual services & teaching


 Please note that I have had no choice but to close the diary on all NEW bookings for Tarot and full 90 min spiritual readings. The waiting list prior to covid 19 was more than 16 months and growing. People cannot know where they will be and when the will be available in 16 plus months time. This as resulted in an increasing amount of missed or cancelled appointments and people wanting to re-book. Missed appointments not only cost the clinic money but also waste a slot that others could have taken. To offer a better and prompter service in the future I have closed bookings so that when I re-open them I shall be able to offer people a much quicker service. It is with regret that I take this step and I can only apologise for those thinking of booking. Unfortunately it is not beneficial for either myself or my clients to continue with an ever increasing waiting list. I will announce a start date for when the diary is to re-open in good time on this site. It may possibly be around summer 2021.


However close contact spiritual therapy is still suspended at this point but I will resume as soon as either all restrictions are lifted or when I deem it to be safe for my clients.

Hypnotherapy is now up and running with safety measures in place and bookings are now being taken.

Prices for readings and therapies for 2019/20         

Channeled Tarot reading ( 1 hour plus) £40           (NEW BOOKINGS ARE SUSPENDED AT THIS TIME)

I also channel my spirit guides to assist me to give a more variable and in depth reading. With this reading I use my psychic ability along with clairvoyance. I also include colour personality in with this very comprehensive Tarot reading. (booking 6/8 months in advance)


Channeled Tarot/mediumship (90 min plus) £55        (NEW BOOKINGS ARE SUSPENDED AT THIS TIME)

2 readings in one

This reading consists of a full channeled Tarot reading, as above,with the assistance of my spirit guides plus a full mediumship session to talk to loved ones that have passed away. I may also be drawn to runes, angel cards etc. This is effectively 2 readings in one. This reading is very popular and provides people with a full spectrum of clairvoyance, mediumship and psychic messages enhanced by my spirit guides. (booking 15 months in advance)



Spiritual healing therapy (1hr)


Reiki healing therapy (1hr)


Crystal healing therapy (1hr)


Chakra balancing and aura cleansing (1hr)


Please note that during a course of therapy all appointments after the initial one are charged at £35 each. This does not apply if there is a gap of more than 3 months between appointments or the therapy is for a new complaint or issue.

A lady recieving crystal healing in the treatment room